The above video features Ron Lovett discussing how he upset the security industry and created massive business growth by going back to the drawing board and asking himself what he would do differently if he were starting the entire security industry over today. What he saw was a workforce being used as tools rather than seen as people. He started actively engaging workers in his security company and empowering them to make their own decisions within their job.

The results he saw were jaw-dropping.

What he saw were people who had pride in their job and the decisions that they made, and a workforce who actually cared about the company they worked for.

Powerful stuff.

Create business growth by getting back to basics

What would your industry be like if you went back to the drawing board? Could you pull off some great feat like Uber and totally undermine the current industry, revolutionizing the way other companies approach doing business with their clients? Could you make explosive business growth beyond your current expectations and take your company to a whole new level?

I think it’s possible.

You have to be willing to eat your pride and admit that what you are currently doing in business may not be the best way to do things. Even if you have spent months, or even years, building what you currently have, there may be a better way to make that next step in your business growth.

It is difficult to be able to get to a point in your business to be able to take a step back and see where you are, and assess where you should be, though. I know that I am always inundated with so many operating tasks that it is hard to take time to make a strategy to move forward.

But this is something we must take time to do.

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Making time for business strategy and growth

If not daily, make it a weekly appointment with yourself. Write it on your calendar. On such-and-such day of the week at this particular time, make yourself sit down and think. Think about where your business is. Think about where you want it to go. Take that step back and see if there are things you should be doing differently or missteps you may have taken along the way.

Write everything down and formulate a plan to move forward. You may be back in the thick of it tomorrow, but you have now taken the time to plan, and all of your decisions for the rest of the week will now be in line with that new business strategy that will get you the business growth you have been looking for.

Having no plan is a plan to fail.

Take that step back and start planning today.

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