We recently talked about what sales funnels are and how they can help your business. In this article I wanted to give an in-depth review of an excellent sales funnel tool I found recently, Funnelytics.

This tool is completely free for basic functionality, and becomes a powerhouse when you purchase their subscription upgrade. The best part is, if you know how to utilize the tool, it will easily pay for itself.


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Funnelytics is a web-based application that allows you to visually map your sales funnel from traffic source down to conversion stage. The Funnelytics tool is very flexible, allowing for easy editing and mapping.

The genius of this funnel tool is that it really ties together all of your marketing pieces and shows how they interconnect into the bigger picture, a.k.a. your sales funnel.

Lead Magnet Sales Funnel

You will no longer have to write out your sales funnels on paper, and with the PRO version, you will no longer have to look in 7 different places to see the analytics and goals that you are tracking between your social posts, landing pages, lead magnet downloads, tripwire offers, product sales, and more.

It is now truly in one place for easy viewing and troubleshooting of issues.

Now that we have a general overview of what Funnelytics is, let’s dive in and see what each section has to offer you.

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As mentioned in the overview above, Funnelytics allows you to represent the different pages of your website that are involved in your sales funnel.

There are a variety of different page options available, but they all come with the same parameters to set. The difference if the icon for that page that helps you better visualize your funnel if you don’t have a URL to add yet. This way you can differentiate where in the funnel you need to create a blog post, where you need a sales page, download page, etc.

Funnel Landing Pages

If you have already built that page, simply pop in the URL and generate a thumbnail, and you get a snapshot of your live page right in your funnel!

If you have the PRO version of Funnelytics, you will also get a code snippet to embed on your website, so Funnelytics can track your traffic and give you analytics that overlay right on top of your funnel.


One of the most important pieces of your sales funnel is the traffic. If you don’t get people to enter the funnel, no one is going to be able to come out the other side having made a purchase.

Funnelytics has you covered here by providing modules for many multiple sources of online traffic.

Everything from email, GMail, organic, affiliate programs, and social media (although Google+ should soon be removed since they are taking the platform down within the next year) all have icons to represent where your traffic is coming from.

Funnel Traffic Sources

Much like how the pages operate in the same manner to each other, all traffic sources have the same options within them, but the different icons visually represent where each source of traffic comes from.

Funnelytics is all about the visuals, which is why the platform is so powerful.

So how is traffic tracked through your funnel?

UTM codes.

Every source of traffic in Funnelytics is tracked via UTM parameters. This means that you are able to place a link anywhere online, and given that you have entered the exact same UTM parameters that you have in your link, you will be able to track traffic sources to your website.

Very powerful stuff.

Start Building Your Sales Funnels

Pro Beta Yearly MEMBERSHIP: $695

Includes the Funnelytics Vault!

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Actions are the bread and butter of your sales funnel, and again, Funnelytics provides you with a variety of icons to help visualize the actions you are hoping to get people within your funnel to take.

Actions include things like purchase, watch video, add to cart, scroll, click button, and more. Once you can track people taking actions within your funnel, you will really begin to see the value of the funnel you have created.

Funnelytics Actions

Since you are tracking internal traffic here, UTM codes will not suffice.

With Funnelytics you track actions by adding an extra snippet of JavaScript on your page. This tracks on the loading of the page, so you want to make sure you are placing it on a thank you page or something similar.

Once the page loads, the JavaScript will fire, and the parameters that you have set within that action will be counted.


Offline goals are hard or very impractical to track, but they are still important to visualize. If a scheduled phone call is a part of your funnel to close the deal, Funnelytics provides the option to add this visual to the funnel.

As mentioned, there is no provided way to track these offline actions, but you still need to see where they fit into your sales process.

Offline actions include things like business card, phone call, meeting, print ad, and radio.

Offline Marketing

One idea to track these actions may be to create a specific landing page for each offline customer to go to on your website, and then track that page through Funnelytics JavaScript code.

Just remember to make the URL simple and memorable.

Start Building Your Sales Funnels

Pro Beta Yearly MEMBERSHIP: $695

Includes the Funnelytics Vault!

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If you create a great funnel that works, the good news is that Funnelytics allows you to save it as a template.

Within a few clicks you can have that funnel saved into a new project. Then all you have to do is build out the new funnel, add the right JavaScript to the right pages on your site, and you are set up and ready to go again!

If you have access to Funnelytics Pro, you can access funnels created by not only the team there, but funnels of famous marketers like Ryan Deiss. We will touch more on that later.

Sales Funnel Templates


Another cool feature of Funnelytics is the ability to make anything a goal.

Simply click the little clock icon and you can set the name, value, and type of goal you want to track.

If you have Funnelytics PRO, you can flip on your analytics and see how many goals have been accomplished, and the value you have achieved from reaching those goals.

The goals section is currently under development by the team, but one can assume there will be more in-depth reporting on these goals once they have this and the Reports section built out.

Start Building Your Sales Funnels

Pro Beta Yearly MEMBERSHIP: $695

Includes the Funnelytics Vault!

or start for free today

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If you created an awesome funnel that is so good you have to share it with others, Funnelytics comes with an easy share button that simply gives you a link to share with others.

Sharing Sales Funnels

When someone clicks the link, they will be taken to an exact copy of your funnel (if they already have an account, otherwise they can sign up for one). From there they can add the funnel to their dashboard and make their own edits from there.

From what I have seen, this does not create a collaborative workspace. Whatever the recipient of the link edits, the edits only stay on their version of the funnel.

We will talk more about collaborative funnels later when we talk about clients.


I know that you are interested in seeing what Funnelytics Pro has to offer you, since I have been hinting at some of the powerful features throughout this article.

I have been using the Pro version of Funnelytics for a few weeks now, and I must say that it doesn’t disappoint.

Let’s get into some details on the perks.


Where does your sales funnel need improvement?

Well, that’s a really hard question to answer if you don’t have analytics to see where the bottleneck in your funnel is located.

Sure you can use Google Analytics and see the numbers next to various pages on your site, but it’s hard to see the flow of traffic, and you can’t track easily across multiple sites.

With Funnelytics Pro, you get to lay your analytics right over top of your sales funnel, enabling you to visually analyze your flow and see where the bottlenecks are, and what steps of your funnel are stopping people from progressing to a conversion.

You can also click on a specific step to see how people who flow through this step get through the rest of your funnel. You are also able to drill down into which sites referred the traffic, and learn a little bit more about the users who are moving through your funnel.

Funnel Analytics

Funnelytics will soon be adding functionality to be able to track your expenses through different steps, and therefore easily see your ROI.

The analytics feature is admittedly a little clunky at this point, as it takes awhile to load data that spans more than a few days, and you aren’t able to move the pieces of your funnel around while analytics is on.

The developers keep showing teasers of a new user interface update that they plan to roll out soon that showcases much faster analytics as well as being able to edit your funnel as you view the numbers.

The Funnelytics team is actively making improvements, which is good for us who are in the marketing game for the long haul.

***UPDATE 10/31/18 – As I am writing this article they are rolling out the new version! I don’t want to take out the above section about the clunky version in case they roll back the new version for more testing. New version is so much faster and user-friendly.  

Start Building Your Sales Funnels

Pro Beta Yearly MEMBERSHIP: $695

Includes the Funnelytics Vault!

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Funnelytics offers the option to share your funnels with clients. They can be given View Only or Read and Write Access to your funnel.

Client Funnels

This is where any edits that are made will translate between accounts. The purpose of this is to allow your clients to see their funnel and work with you to make suggestions, edits, or improvements. This is a major perk that makes Funnelytics a marketing agency’s dream!

Clients are given access on a Project basis, and they get access to all funnels within that project, so if you plan on sharing with a client, make sure they have their own project before you proceed, or you may end up giving editing access to funnels that are meant for other clients.


Funnelytics Pro comes with The Vault, or you can buy it separately (at this time). This is how they pulled me through their sales funnel. I bought into The Vault and saw they still had their lifetime access deal going, so I went all in.

Why should you care about The Vault?

The Vault holds funnel hacks to some of the highest earning funnels out there. The team at Funnelytics goes through a given funnel and documents the steps they took along the way. They then make a Funnelytics template for you to show you how these big-time marketers made their millions.

The Funnelytics Vault

One of the awesome perks within The Vault are the videos. The team walks you step-by-step through the funnel and tells you exactly what the marketer did to set the funnel up and also what unique features were implemented and any tips they picked up from how the funnel was created.

Pictured here are some popular sales funnels, include some from the Ask Method, Digital Marketer, Social Media Examiner, Lady Boss, Mentor Box, and many many more!

They are adding funnels to The Vault on a monthly basis, so it’s definitely worth the price to be able to have access to the secrets that can make you your money back time and time again.


Overall, Funnelytics is a super powerful tool that helps you track and visualize your sales funnel from beginning to end. It is especially helpful for visual-type people who work better with a plan drawn out for them.

For me, it is extremely helpful in the fact that you can plan out your funnel, and then basically see what products, pages, email chains, etc. that you need to create to make it happen. This is extremely motivating for me to see mapped out steps and a list of items that need to be done to make the big picture come to life. That is why they call it building out your funnel. You plan and build what it will look like, and then execute the steps to make it happen.

Sure, there are some quirks with the program. Funnelytics Pro is technically still in BETA, so if you get in now, you are an early adopter. Being in Beta also means that there are some glitches here are there and improvements to be made.

It also means that there are some sweet deals to get in, like their Lifetime deal where you pay one fee and get the program and all updates for life for one fee. The Lifetime deal is ending soon though, so if you are reading this a month or more after publication, it may not be available.

I have been keeping up with where they plan to take Funnelytics, and I’m excited that I got in early. That way my processes get to grow as the program grows, and I get to get amped everytime a new feature is released.

If Funnelytics seems like a tool that is right for you and your business, be sure to sign up. It’s free to use the mapping tool, but be warned, The Vault and the ability to use analytics are a tempting lure. You may end up with a subscription before you know it!

The good news is if you utilize the tool right, making your money back should be highly in the realm of possibility.

Start Building Your Sales Funnels

Pro Beta Yearly MEMBERSHIP: $695

Includes the Funnelytics Vault!

or start for free today

This is an affiliate link. We get a commission for purchases made through the link.

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