The Good Old Days of Facebook

There was once a time when you would create a Facebook business page, post great content on a regular basis, and all of the fans that you got to like your page would see everything you posted from that point forward.

But over time, and finally reaching breaking point in mid-2017, all of that changed.

Facebook changed their algorithm.

Facebook Becomes Pay-To-Play

Paid Facebook Post Boost

When Facebook basically shut off organic reach in mid-2017, you now needed money to play the marketing game. You had to boost posts and create ads to draw people to your brand, and as many business owners know, this is hard to contend with when you are just starting out and money is really tight.

Only 10-20% of your followers would see any given post without a pay boost. A sad day for those just getting started.

It was also a detriment to Facebook users as well.

Unless they set your page on high alert, the page that they took time to like and wanted to see more from was no longer showing in their feed. Facebook wanted people to see more of just their friends posts, which is great, but the thing is that people run businesses too, and these people we could previously easily connect with were just gone.

The Return of Organic Facebook Marketing?

This continued for over a year, and many of the marketing gurus shunned Facebook as a good marketing tool for their clients because of the major decrease in exposure.

This brings me to the middle of last week.

I saw a post from a pizza place in Wisconsin that I had liked 4 years ago and had completely forgotten about because Facebook had dropped them from my feed. I was confused since I know that Facebook had largely become pay to play, and all these pages I had liked were buried in the abyss of the Facebook algorithm.

I was pleasantly surprised, and also happy, that I was still seeing my friends posts thrown in the mix. I was even seeing posts from FRIENDSĀ that I hadn’t seen posts from in awhile.

Does this mean that Facebook is back on the table for marketers?

For the time being, it seems like we may be headed in that direction.

Facebook could just be testing the waters to see how people react to the new mix, and possibly hoping to draw marketers back to the platform to help their clients be able to grow organically, as well as spending more money on boosting posts since they are back on the platform.

Business Reach on Facebook

Facebook Organic Reach

A large spike in organic reach from just 2 posts

A New Era of Facebook

It is important to note that not all users may be seeing these changes just yet.

As a very savvy company, Facebook roles out changes to only certain users in the early stages of testing a feature to see if it will go over well. If there are issues, only a small number of users are impacted.

We can only hope they are testing the change to roll it out in the near future.

My advice is to take advantage while business posts are being shown again.

Hopefully we will see a new era where we will see the business pages we have liked on Facebook, as well as more of our friends posts.

If you need help with your social media or Facebook advertising, be sure to reach out to us and we would be glad to post for you or find your targeted audiences through advertising.

Happy posting!

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