Messiah Lutheran Church of Port Byron

Weekly Updates and Maintenance For The Church

Being a member of Messiah Lutheran Church, I would go to check the website for information, and see that nothing was ever updated on the site. This made us miss the Christmas service, and left us in the dark on several other occasions as well.

Since I’m a web guy, I decided to have a conversation with the church pastor to see if I couldn’t help out in keeping the website up-to-date so that members had a better idea of when special service times were, or what events were taking place within the next month. He agreed that this was a good idea.

I got the credentials from the previous web dev, and went to work. 

The back-end of the website was outdated. The theme update broke the website, and it was difficult to even edit the homepage. I rebuilt the entire website as an exact replica within a week. I built the site on the Divi theme that we use almost exclusively to build our sites.

I made a few small SEO changes to the site, moved the site to my web server to help improve the speed and uptime of the site, and also added an SSL certificate to help with security and Google Ranking.

I setup email accounts for the church staff, and worked on minor design changes as the pastor suggested them.

The biggest design change was the “This Sunday At Messiah” section, where we provide the much-needed information that church members need about the coming Sunday’s services. I get a Friday update email every week, and make sure the site is updated that same day so members are well-informed. We also update the news events on a regular basis.

The site now has Google Analytics and Search Console running in the background collecting data on the site that we can use to analyze site traffic and make improvements that will bring more users to the site.

If you are a church or business that needs someone to maintain and make improvements to your current site, please contact us.

We would love to help you get your business to the next level!

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