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By Rehashing Your Site, you are taking steps to making sure you are there when your customers need you to be.

Web Design

A Redesign With Many Benefits

Be the Expert Your Customers Need

A website redesign has numerous benefits to your business. A smoother user experience can provide higher conversion rates meaning more sales and more return on your website investment.

There is also a greater chance of your website showing up higher in search engine results as the new site is optimized around specified SEO keywords that your customers are searching for. This means that as an expert in your field, you will be there for them when they need you. 

Rehash Your Site can help bring you get your expertise to those who need it through a well-designed site with an excellent end-user experience. These benefits and more are waiting for you with a website redesign in WordPress.

Other Benefits

The Power Behind the Scenes

Mobile Responsiveness

According to over 50% of web searches are done on mobile devices. Is your current site easily accessible and usable on mobile and tablet? Your new one will be!


Site Security

Every website should have an SSL Certificate in place to ensure safe and secure browsing for visitors. If you don’t have “https” in front of your website url, you are not secure. SSLs are implemented on all websites that are hosted with us!

Google Friendly

Not only will we build a new site that Google will LOVE, but we will make sure to get your site submitted in all the right places to be found. We will also be tracking website visitors through Google Analytics to see what opportunities for improvement we can make over time.

Why Choose Us

More Than Just A Website Redesign

mobile responsive website redesigns

With Rehash Your Site, you are not only getting a beautiful web design that creates a better experience for your users, but you also get a new member of your team. If your business doesn’t thrive, then ours doesn’t either. We work to dig into statistics we pull from your site and help to develop a strategy that will bring more visitors to your site, and ultimately more revenue to your business.

We are in your corner, constantly learning new SEO and Marketing strategies to help take your business to the next level. We would love for you to take this next step in your business journey with us!

Ready to Get Started?

Take the next step with us by completing the form below. This is a free inquiry to see if we will be a good fit to work together. Simply provide your contact information, your site’s current URL, and questions and concerns you would like to address with your new website build, along with any business goals you want to achieve through the new website.

We will get back to you with a plan of action and a starting estimate for the redesign, as well as any ongoing costs.

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